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My Favourite Gaming YouTubers & Streamers

Nowadays I don’t have much time to play games, nor have the energy to. When I’m tired from a long day at school and my daughter is in bed, there are times when I simply don’t feel like sitting at the desktop PC playing games. Therefore I often kick back and watch others play games instead.

I know there’s plenty of people who bemoan the ‘let’s players’ of YouTube, and I can understand why to an extent. Listening to someone scream (often fake) and swear for ten to twenty minutes doesn’t really appeal to me. However, there’s some gems out there that I think you should give a go. Besides, it’s not only let’s players in my list.

Without further ado I present my favourite YouTubers and streamers!

John Wolfe

John Wolfe, formerly known as HarshlyCritical, is a YouTuber and streamer that used to exclusively play and record horror games, but now has branched out and plays other genres. As his former screen name suggests, he is critical of the games he plays and isn’t afraid to offer his honest opinions. If a game isn’t up to par, he will say so.

I enjoy watching John Wolfe due to his honesty and because he doesn’t fake reactions for the sake of gaining a few more subscribers. He is rarely spooked by the scares nowadays, but that’s to be expected after years of playing horror games. As previously mentioned, I appreciate that he doesn’t put on an act. It’s a pet peeve of mine with let’s players. I also like that he discusses the game, during and at the end of the playthrough.


I discovered MrKravin through John Wolfe, whom he often collaborates with. The majority of MrKravin’s playthroughs are of the horror genre, but he also plays other types of games too. Occasionally his husband Max joins in on the fun.

MrKravin is another content creator that doesn’t fake reactions. He allows his personality to shine through. I find him personable and funny, and I can relate to him in some ways as he too has suffered from depression. I wish for him the very best and hope he’ll be okay.


I’ll admit it. I like watching the odd bit of anime, including watching others play anime-inspired games. Therefore ManlyBadassHero is just the one to watch for these needs. Again, I found Manly through John Wolfe as he sometimes plays games with John.

What ultimately draws me to ManlyBadassHero is his distinctive narrative voice and that he often plays games created with RPG Maker. He chooses not to display a face cam, which I think is a good call as he doesn’t really need it, in my opinion. I like that I can simply watch him play the game and chill out.


If you’re into World of Warcraft and like to watch someone kick ass in PVP, then look no further than Bajheera. I discovered Bajheera through my husband and recently been tuning into his streams. He has a keen interest in weight lifting, so also streams his workouts so that fans can watch, have a chat with him and receive advice regarding weight lifting, fitness, diet, etc.

I watch Bajheera because he has such a friendly personality and positive outlook, that and it’s fun to watch him slay in PVP. Warrior PVP is lots of fun, I really ought to try it out again sometime! I didn’t follow Bajheera years back, but I recently viewed his older videos and find it fantastic how hard he’s worked to get where he is. It is inspiring to see him smash the stereotypes of a typical gamer by keeping fit.

I’d like to discover other great YouTubers and streamers. Do you have any recommendations?

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