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Dream Christmas Wish List 2017

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It’s that time of the year again when people will be thinking about what they want for Christmas. I kept my actual wish list small and modest, since we’re a family living on a budget. However, there’s another wish list I have, one full of things I know I’ll never get for Christmas, but want anyway.

I’m not too timid to say I actually want some pretty expensive stuff. Yes, I know Christmas is about family, spending time together, etc. However, I can’t be the only one who’d jump at the chance to receive more elaborate gifts. Face it, Christmas is about the presents too, whether we want to admit it or not.

I’m actually quite a frugal person, but this time of year is meant to be about miracles and magic, so without further ado, here is my dream Christmas wish list for 2017!

A ‘More-Than-Decent’ Camera

My phone has a decent camera, but what I really want is a more-than-decent camera. Professional photographers don’t come cheap and I’d like to take some family shots that won’t look grainy and amateurish when printed. See? I’m trying to be a little economical about it. This mummy wants to take beautiful photos of her gorgeous family, without the huge price tag of paying someone to do it.

Okay, okay, let’s face it. I’m a blogger and want to share those sweet, Instagram-perfect photos that’ll get me a load of likes and follows. No flat lays, though. I don’t want to do those!

Driving School Course

In Denmark, you tend to have to shell out for a whole driving course instead of paying per lesson. Not only do you have practical lessons in the car, but theory lessons and first aid too. As you can imagine, that’s going to cost a lot of money. In my town you have to pay at least 1200 kr. (about £1450), that’s not even including the driving test cost, hiring the car for your test and any additional lessons you might require. If you wish to take English lessons, that comes at a premium (even more shelling out). Stuff is expensive in Denmark!

I don’t have to drive, but it would come in handy in the town I live in. It’s rather rural and the public transport isn’t exactly frequent. Now I have a child, I feel as if I need to be even more mobile than before.

Gaming Console For Lazy Gaming Sessions

Ever since becoming a parent, I’ve had even more desire to just plonk myself down on the sofa, grab a controller and play some video games, old school style. However, I’m a PC gamer so I don’t have a gaming console. Do you know how difficult it is at times to pull myself off the sofa, sit in a firm computer chair and play games on the desktop PC? It’s terribly difficult. I have to sit up, for goodness sake!

I can be a lazy gamer like in my childhood days if I received a console. I’d even take a retro console like the Super Nintendo (retro gaming is fab). Someone help a tired mama out?

High Pigmented Eyeshadows Like The Drag Queens Wear

I swear, drag queens have influenced me to want, no, need high pigmented eyeshadow. What’s high pigmented, you ask? It simply means eyeshadow that you can actually see on the eyelid, eyeshadow that ‘pops’. My cheap, generic eyeshadow palette by some unknown brand bought in what’s essentially the pound shop just won’t do.

I want shiny, I want glittery. I want to be able to dab some eyeshadow over my lipstick to give my lips a gorgeous, illuminated… something-or-other. Instagram makeup artists have a lot to answer for, also. Darn them and their awesome social feeds, making me want expensive, glittery, sparkly makeup!

My Own ‘Not-Rented-For-Once’ House

The husband and I are house hunting. We’ve been looking ever since our daughter was born, to no avail. We’ve been searching for rentals, but there’s been a resounding ‘nope’ from landlords because we have the audacity to have a canine member of the family.

I don’t understand why a landlord will say yes to smokers, yet no to a dog. Our little fellow isn’t going to stain the walls and ceiling so bad that they need to be repainted before the next tenant moves in. He might scratch them a little though.

But I digress. I want a house. I want my own house. Not rented, but bought and paid for in mine and my husband’s name. I’d like some furniture too, especially something mustard yellow. It’s about time I became a house owner as I’m thirty-two and tired of answering to some stuffy landlord who turns their nose up at pets.

So that was my dream wish list of Christmas gifts. If there does happen to be a Santa and he’s reading right now: please be a good fellow and hook up a student on a budget. I’ve been very good this year! Thanks, St. Nick!


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  1. Wow I can’t believe how expensive driving lessons are! The cost is always what puts me off learning. I absolutely love Urban Decay makeup, the eyeshadows are great and really blendable.

    We have a steam link set up so my partner can play controller compatible games from his pc on our big tv in the lounge.

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