New Year, New Makeup

New Year, New Makeup

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a nice holiday season. I’m back and refreshed after a much-needed break. What better way to start the New Year than to have some new makeup to play with? Do you want to have a look? Then read on!

This little haul was in fact a late Christmas present from my husband. He gave me some money and suggested I buy something from my favourite website to buy makeup from – Coco Panda. Naturally, I obliged.

I knew I wanted an eyeshadow palette. Before, I only owned a small palette that was purchased ages ago from a supermarket. While that palette has some nice colours, I wanted a broader choice and more colours that shimmer.

The makeup bought. Eyeshadow palette, eye brushes and two lip colours.
The haul. Small, but decent!

I saw the BH Cosmetics 6th Edition 120 Colour Eye Palette was on sale, so I researched how the colours were by looking at reviews on YouTube. Since I’m writing about it, it’s obvious I purchased it. There’s so many shades to play with and some are shimmery, which is what I wanted. The palette isn’t expensive, even when it’s not on sale. Great for this student mum on a budget!

The eyeshadows are well pigmented, but I find I do need to wet the brush to enhance them, especially the shimmery ones. If you’re going for a more subtle look, then you don’t need to wet the brush, in my opinion.

I don’t have many makeup brushes, so I took advantage of another sale item – the Real Techniques Starter Set.┬áSome of my followers on Instagram messaged me saying how good these brushes are. They were correct!

The brushes are all for the eyes, but I think you could use the smallest one for the lips. They make such a difference! My blending has improved thanks to these beauties. The face brushes of the same brand have been recommended to me, so I think next time (and if they’re on sale!), I may go for them.

My absolute favourite purchase is the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Copenhagen. The name alone called to me since I do live in Denmark. The colour is beautiful and the lip cream glides on. It feels so comfortable on the lips and dries well. It’s the best liquid lipstick I have in my collection. I definitely want to buy more liquid lipsticks by Nyx!

There was a (kind-of) bust. Nyx Round Lipstrick in the shade Strawberry Milk. It was a bit of a fail because the shade simply doesn’t suit me on its own. I think the formula is too wet and the colour isn’t strong. It smears on my lips, like when a window cleaner hasn’t rinsed the windows properly.

I tried to salvage the lipstick by using it over a darker colour as a highlight. That seems to be effective and doesn’t look bad. It didn’t cost a lot of money so I’m not mad about it. I know now that a light pink doesn’t work for me and that I should stick to darker shades. Using makeup is a learning experience for sure!

Me wearing the new makeup!
My makeup has never looked this good!

Overall, I’m happy with this little makeup haul. The whole lot cost 325 kr. I don’t think that’s bad for some new brushes, a huge eyeshadow palette and two lip colours.

I want to discover decent brands with products that aren’t too pricey. Do you have any suggestions? What do you think of my new makeup?

Just a note to say that this post wasn’t sponsored in any way by Coco Panda. I just enjoy shopping with them!

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